Night Engine, The Borderline 20 February 2013

Even though they’re yet to release an album, or have yet to play more than a baby-sized handful of gigs in the UK, I reckon Night Engine are going to be big.  There are a lot of comparisons with various other bands/artists of yesteryear but I won’t patronise you by telling you who they sound like, because EVERY MAN AND HIS BLOODY DOG WHO WRITES IN THE MUSIC PRESS has said who they sound like.  Derivative?  Sure.  Does it matter?  Not at all.  Awesome band, who I hope to see more of in the near future.  Guessing with a sold out Borderline though, it might be difficult to get as up close to the band as I was here.  This was the first time I took my Nikon CoolPix P310 for a spin at a gig.  I bought it as it was recommended as one of the better point & shoots for low light conditions and has a decent zoom.  I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s never going to produce as good quality photos as a DSLR, but for something that fits in your pocket it takes excellent, crisp shots.  At such a packed gig especially it was much easier to whip it out and take a few sneaky photos between people’s heads!  Results are below, enjoy.

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