Violent Soho | Velociraptor, Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, 10 March 2013

Finally, back in the blogging game!  Apologies all around for not blogging for a while, I’ve been on an awesome trip to the land of kangaroos and expensive pints.  When I returned it was so depressing even the thought of blogging was too much to handle.  So while we were in Melbourne we took in a couple of gigs, the first being Violent Soho, supported by Velociraptor.  I’d not heard any of either band’s music but decided to go along anyway as it was cheap and they were playing at Ding Dong, a Melbourne gig venue/institution which I will always love, even though it was half burned down and rebuilt into something not nearly as dingy or dirty as the first incarnation (sadly – I miss the broken toilet doors and giant bum poster over the DJ booth).  Velociraptor just stole the night for me.  According to their twitter they are a ‘Brisbane garage-pop 12 piece band of legend’, but tonight there would only be 7 of them on stage.  A tiny stage.  The guys from DZ Deathrays (who I’ve photographed previously here) are also in the band, taking more of a back seat while the alternating drummer/vocalist stole the show.  And they really did steal the show – mincing around, jumping into the crowd, pulling shapes… my only regret is not getting down the front to take photos of them closer up.  The crowd were getting into it, singing along occasionally and dancing like idiots.  Excellent.

After all the excitement of Velociraptor the crowd had increased in size so we had to move to a different spot, which was difficult to get any decent shots of Violent Soho.  No bother really though because I was still buzzing about Velociraptor too much to care.  Violent Soho were great, and clearly had a lot of Melbourne fans judging by the crowds reception of them.  I know it’s not a competition, but this was one of those rare times when the support band stole the night for me.  If you get a chance to see Velociraptor at any stage, definitely do it.

Here are a few shots of the evening.  I kept on focussing too much on the drummers so a lot of my (discarded) shots were out of focus on the other band members… lesson learned!  These were all taken with my Canon EOS 1000D, with my 50mm 1.8 lens.

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2 thoughts on “Violent Soho | Velociraptor, Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, 10 March 2013

  1. Gareth says:

    Great shots. I have an EOS 600D and the same lens, I love taking concert photos.

    2 questions, how do you get permission to take SLR into the venue? And more importantly what ISO and f-stop settings did you use?

    • giggage says:

      Hey Gareth, thanks for the comment!
      To be honest, most of the time I just take my camera into venues and wait until I’m told not to, usually by the guys on the door. I’ve only been asked once to stop taking photos at a venue (and had my camera confiscated for the rest of the gig!), but I’ll usually have a look at the venues website first to see if they allow removable lens cameras. Most small gig venues aren’t fussed about photos being taken I’ve found.
      My 1000D only goes up to 1600 ISO, so I usually leave it on that. F-stop varies, but I try to have it down as low as possible to let more light in. I think these were on 1.8. Depends on how fast my subjects are moving around 😉
      Hope that helps!

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