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The Wytches, IC1s, a bit of this and a lot of that

Good day giggage readers!  Last few weeks have been super hectic with photog work, club nights and live music, and it looks set to continue at least until mid-December.  I am NOT complaining!  Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been going down in giggage-town lately, and what’s coming up soon.

One of the best new bands I’ve seen in a long time I saw twice in the last two weeks – The Wytches.  Get onto these guys if you haven’t already, noisy guitars, dark vocals and gloomy bass lines.  Bring on an album next year (crosses fingers).  Here’s my review on Shout4Music, and a few ‘unseen’ photos below.

I also caught IC1s recently, at both Heaven (supporting The Family Rain – love those guys) and The Macbeth in Hoxton.  They’ve been kicking around for a couple years but starting to get a buzz around them after supporting a few big name bands.  Another review on Shout4Music here, and more photos below!

Keep an eye on the blog in the next couple days/week for photos of The Courteeners (shot them at O2 Shepherd’s Bush last night – AMAZING – Liam Fray is a delight to photograph!), a band with some history, The Damned at The Roundhouse, and a band you should all check out, Damn Vandals at The Dublin Castle (lotta ‘damn!’-ing coming up).

After that, looks like a bit of a break in transmission for the Christmas/New Year period.  What are we all doing?  Anything exciting?  For me, the only place to be on NYE will have to be Nuis@nce, upstairs at The Enterprise in Chalk Farm.  Bound to be a fun evening of Britpop, indie and pop rock tunes.  What could be better?!

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Cool Britannia 21st June 2013

It’s always exciting going along to Cool Britannia nights, because you’re never really sure what you’re going to get musically, or what kind of people will come along to see the bands.  June’s CB night saw four bands (a feat in itself) PLUS an acoustic set by Dean Mumford, he of Rifles fame.  Talk about packing it in!  The Deets were on first who were just fantastic, high energy, stage presence, dashing outfits, and most importantly – good tunes.  Sadly it seemed that most people were still out enjoying the ‘sunshine’ (ahem) at that time of the evening and The Deets played to a small crowd.  The people who were there seemed impressed though.  Violet Class up next which was a bit of a change of pace with their retro casual gear and 90s Britpop sound.  Super laid back, and a few more people milling around during and after their set.  Welcome Pariah on next, and while I’d seen them at a CB night previously I was happy to see them again, great band.  Catch them while they’re still playing the little venues!  Fiddlers Elbow was becoming slightly more crowded by now, with a fun bunch of people.  The crowd at these nights are always full of surprises!  The Mercanaries were last band proper on and they were hilarious.  Not hilarious in a bad way, oh no, just in a crowd interaction, entertaining way.  Jumping off the stage, jumping on each other, making a real fun time of the whole set.  Really hard to photograph as they were moving around so much – had to turn on the flash for most of the shots, which turned out well (new flash – YAY!).  Dean Mumford arrived on stage as the crowd had increased loads, and it was becoming rather sweaty in the venue.  He banged out a few old Rifles tunes and then started taking requests from the crowd on what to sing next.  A genuinely lovely fella.  The crowd were so involved that a few of them also jumped on stage, some assisting on drums, others on vocals.  Good stuff, and a brilliant end to a fun evening.

First time I’d given the new Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash unit a whirl and oh my, it’s lovely.  Just makes people in the crowd look that much… prettier!  Takes the harshness of the full frontal flash when it’s bouncing off the roof instead.  Never an issue with not being able to focus in a dark room either due to the red beam.  Took a few shots of Dean and The Mercanaries with the flash on as you can see below.  Still prefer the non-flash shots but some of the flash ones were amazing (the one with the two Mercanaries guys having a cuddle is ace!).  I had all three lenses there on the night – 35mm, 17 – 55mm and 75 – 300mm.  Changing them every five minutes was a hassle, so here’s to saving up for a lens that can do the job of all three of those lenses instead!!  Enjoy the pics, there are a lot of them…

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Sulk, The Shacklewell Arms 31 May 2013

Made the trip last week from SE London to NE London to one of my favourite gig venues, The Shacklewell Arms, to see brilliant London band Sulk.  I had been looking forward to this for many weeks as their debut album ‘Graceless’ had been on high rotation on my iPod since it was released.  Pretty sure that album is going to be right up there on my best of end of year album list – it’s June already anyway!  The support band Whistlejacket weren’t too bad.  Quite a bit of posing from where I was standing but they had a few decent songs that kept me interested.  Had managed a spot close to the front but although the gig was supposedly not sold out, there were plenty of people in the tiny back room.  Met a lovely fellow from GoodSoul Promotions who I had previously had conversations with on Twitter.  Great guys – follow them here!  Sulk graced (ha!) the stage to many cheers and opened with album closer ‘End Time’ for the sweaty crowd, of which quite a few were singing along.  It seems like Sulk are destined to be one of those ‘cult’ (for want of a better word) bands, bands who people either love, hate, or don’t actually ‘get’.  Most in the room seemed to ‘get’ them though, and for a London crowd it was pleasing to see so many people swaying and singing the lyrics. The band appeared to be enjoying themselves too, Jon occasionally letting his sulky(!) demeanour slip and grinning towards the crowd.  A short set, but full of the good stuff (surprised Marion Shrine was left off – maybe next time?), and at the end of the gig I managed to snaffle the set list.  Apart from wanting the gig to go on for longer, their set was near perfect.  Looking forward to seeing them again, whenever that might be.

All shots taken with the standard kit, Canon EOS1000D, with 50mm lens.  Not sure if maybe Shacklewell have done something with their lighting but it was MUCH easier to take photos with no flash at the gig for a change.  No need to bring along my new Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash Unit, which I accidently forgot to pack anyway.  Photos below for your viewing pleasure!

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Suede, Alexandra Palace, 30 March 2013

Suede are fantastic, aren’t they?  I mean, they’re really fantastic.  Over the past 20 or so years since I’ve been a fan (what – 20 years?  HOW OLD ARE YOU?!?  I know, I know…) I’ve never seen them live.  I had the opportunity a couple of years ago when I first moved to London, but decided against it for some reason, probably because the person I was with wasn’t really a fan and didn’t want to go with me.  What a bellend.  A few months ago it was announced they would do a gig at the gorgeous looking Alexandra Palace, which is renowned for its ‘long, flat floor’ and ‘terrible sound’, but the decision was made, friends rounded up and off we went.  Unfortunately we missed Temples, but caught all of Spector’s spectacle (I don’t mean that in a good way – sorry, I just can’t like them).  We were in a great spot for Suede and managed to keep it that way until bladders were too full to cope anymore.  Brett LOVES performing live, doesn’t he?  If he doesn’t, he was doing a damn fine job of pretending at Ally Pally.  Swinging his hips, whipping his mic and jumping on speakers the whole evening.  The rest of the band were fantastic of course, but Brett was the star, with the spotlight on him the whole time.  The backdrop was awesome – screens of various singles/album covers depending on what was being played at the time.

Ally Pally wasn’t that bad either, the sound was fine both near the front and up the back, and I could see the band the entire time as the stage was quite high (as were my shoes).  The ‘rules’ of Ally Pally state that you can’t take in removable lens cameras, so I ended up taking my Nokia point and shoot in with me.  Bit annoyed when I saw a girl walk out of the toilets with a Canon DSLR, complete with massive zoom lens, hanging around her neck.  Next time… The gig was brilliant, and left me wondering why I haven’t tried harder to go and see Suede when they toured last time.  Here are a couple of photos taken with my Nokia that you can almost make out Brett in them.  Enjoy!

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