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Bombay Bicycle Club, O2 Brixton Academy 14 March 2014

Gotta love a gig that’s so close to your house you can leave home about 10 minutes before you have to be there!  First time shooting (properly) at Brixton Academy so had to go through all the awkward “do I go this way?” talk with security at the back of the venue.  Got told off for attempting to take a test shot of the support act because I wasn’t physically in the pit yet – no professional photos AT ALL at Brixton Academy unless you’re in the pit for the first three songs.  Yeesh!

Despite that, had a fantastic first three songs for Bombay Bicycle Club.  There were around 7 other togs in the pit, plus another four video guys and around four security so it was a tad difficult moving around without hip and shouldering someone.  Didn’t fall over though (bonus) and managed to take a few good shots, huzzah!  Security shooed us all out once the third song ended and sent us out the back (no going into the crowd after that to enjoy the rest of the gig – booooo).  Managed to meet and have a quick chat to Nathan Barnes, a fellow photographer who shoots for The 405 and who I follow on twitter.  He approached me and I was surprised that someone actually knew who I was!  Check out his work here.  No doubt we’ll be bumping into each other at a gig again soon.

As alluded to a few blogs ago, I have been saving up for a new lens and – drumroll please – it has finally arrived.  These shots were taken with my new Canon 24-70mm f2.8 Mk II.  Bit nervous about taking pics with a new lens at such a big gig (well, big for ME), but judging by the results it seemed to work out just fine.  I am completely in love with it, and get the feeling I’ll be taking it to almost every gig from now on.  My 17-55mm f2.8 will soon be gathering dust… Pics below and up on the Shout4Music website here.  Enjoy!

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Wild Beasts, XOYO, 26th February 2014

Last week I was lucky enough to score a photog pass to the sold out Wild Beasts album launch show at XOYO for London in Stereo.  The place was PACKED.  And sweaty.  Album number four and I’m still loving Wild Beasts.  Probably one of very few bands who have released more than two albums that I’ve actually remained a big fan of.  The new album is a corker (was to be expected though) and the gig at XOYO was brilliant.  Hearing their stuff live and up close is such a pleasure, and they seem like genuinely thankful and lovely guys.

As it was so busy at XOYO it was difficult to get a decent range of shots throughout the gig – I was mostly stuck up on a ledge one side of the stage, so my zoom lens came in handy.  I took the 35mm 1.2 for a spin as well, really loving that lens right now.  New glass will be coming soon though I hope (after a bit more saving), watch this space!

Pics of the night below, and here on London in Stereo.  Enjoy!

PS – have just been offered an in-house photographer position with MAMA venues (Camden Barfly, Borderline, The Forum, The Garage etc. – ALL THE AMAZING VENUES!) so expect a LOAD of blog posts in the coming months!

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We Are Scientists, Barfly, 5 February 2014

And we’re back!

Long time no blog, mostly because of the lack of gigs to go to over the last month or two.  This year’s first gig came courtesy of free tickets to see the wonderful We Are Scientists at Camden Barfly earlier in the week.  So hilarious, so attractive, so fantastic.  Not sure of whether I’d be too close to the front of the stage I decided to take my 50mm 1.8 instead of anything more wide, partly because of the distance but also because the lens is much lighter than any of my other ones.  With the ongoing tube strikes I didn’t want to be caught on a tube carrying anything too heavy, so that was my excuse!  Mates Jill and John came along with us and we politely (always) walked through the crowd to a spot at the side close to the front.  I’m short, so excuse the crowd head shots – it had to be done.

More gigs to come in the following weeks so keep your eyes on the blog as things are expecting to ramp up again.  Have also been busy photographing the lovely people at both Midnight A Go Go and Ice Cold which are both always a fun night.  If you’re in the area come down to The Waiting Room and have a boogie!  Some of my shots are on the facebook pages, check ’em out.

Enjoy We Are Scientists!

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The Courteeners, O2 Shepherd’s Bush, 3rd December 2013

Thanks to the lovely people at Shout4Music, I was given a photopass for The Courteeners at O2 Shepherd’s Bush earlier this week.  My first time shooting at Shepherd’s Bush (apart from sneaking my camera in for Jake Bugg earlier in the year!), I was pretty excited.  Three songs is a bit of a bitch though, but luckily there were only two other photogs to work around, so could get the shots that I needed fairly quickly.  My first time seeing The Courteeners as well, and they were nothing short of brilliant.  Liam knows how to work a crowd (and subtly work a photographer), and lucky for me the lighting was spot on, which I guess you expect of bigger venues.

Check out the better shots on Shout4Music here, and a few more below.  I took two lenses but only ended up using my 17-55mm, which I’m finding is a great all-rounder.  Really enjoyed myself, bring on more bigger venue opportunities please!

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Deap Vally, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam 16 November 2013

Lucky Jen took a trip to Amsterdam last weekend, mainly to see the fabulous ladies that are Deap Vally play at Bitterzoet, but also to see some canals, push bikes, and LOTS of Heineken.  Could have happily spent another few days in Amsterdam but the day job unfortunately doesn’t offer enough annual leave days (sigh), so it was a flying visit.

First time in Amsterdam meant first time at Bitterzoet.  It’s kind of in/near the red light district, and close to a couple of other bars that we wanted to check out while we were there.  Very convenient.  Bitterzoet was ace – the staff were nothing but friendly and efficient (take note London pub/club staff), the stained glass windows with naked ladies on them were gorgeous (they were!) and the venue had may vantage points to take photos, although most of the time I was up the front and to the side, as you can see from the pics (as they’re mostly of Lindsey).  We were lucky enough to get a signed poster off them personally at the end of the night, and had our photos taken with them (CRAZY FANS KLAXON).

I used my Canon 7D with 17-55mm lens, and was considering using flash but really didn’t need to.  Check out the pics below, enjoy!

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Virgil and the Accelerators, O2 Islington, 7 November 2013

Finally had the chance to catch Virgil and the Accelerators live, after being lucky enough to shoot with them at the Steve Gerrard gig photography workshop in Birmingham a few months back (blog here!).  They’ve been touring madly for the last couple of months and finally they made to to London, bringing a swag of t-shirts and albums to sell on the night.  I managed a good spot up the front to take photos, and noticed a line of fans, all with their phones/point & shoot cameras at the ready, already decked out in V&TA t-shirts!  They have some pretty keen fans…  Virgil and Jack are so easy to photograph – brilliant presence and fantastic shape pullers.  Difficult to see Gabriel behind his drum kit but he was smashing away the whole time, not unlike his mascot, The Muppets’ ‘Animal’, who sat in front of his kit.  I managed to find their manager Martin after a few songs and thanked him for the ticket/photo pass, to which he passed onto me not one but TWO V&TA t-shirts!  One of them adorns a photo I had taken of them at the Steve Gerrard day, which I was most pleased about.

I used my Canon 7D with 17-55mm f2.8 most of the time, and switched to my 50mm 1.8 for a few shots.  The 50mm is just so much lighter and easier to shoot with after lugging the 17-55mm around!  Was up fairly close to the stage though so the 50mm wasn’t always convenient.  The lighting was decent so wasn’t even concerned that it was a no-flash gig.  I mostly sat on 1000 ISO.  Pics below, enjoy!


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Steve Gerrard music photography workshop, Birmingham – Virgil and the Accelerators

Well.  I had a brilliant day yesterday.

A couple months back I was doing some Google searching for gig photography workshops/courses in London and always seemed to come back to the same thing, Steve Gerrard‘s music photography workshop.   Partly because there were VERY few workshops around specific to music photography, but mainly because Steve’s looked right up my alley.  The workshop was being held in Birmingham, which was fine because being an Australian it’s fun to venture to parts of the UK that I’ve not been to before.  So I paid for the course, applied for annual leave from my day job and bought some train tickets.

After a nightmare journey up to Birmingham yesterday (big thanks to the person who jumped in front of a train at Milton Keynes…) I eventually arrived and met some awesome budding, amateur and professional photographers.  Oh, and Steve.  Steve is amazing.  Even though I missed out on the first hour of the workshop, the knowledge and tips that he gave us throughout the day were priceless.  

We were treated to going out after lunch with a real, proper band(!), Virgil and the Accelerators, and took photos of them in various locations around The Custard Factory, where the workshop was held.  SO MUCH FUN.  The guys in the band (and their manager) were just lovely.  The band were great at taking direction, but also great at being effortlessly cool.  Will have to check them out when they come to London next (Islington O2 on November 7th FYI!).

After taking loads of pics outside of the band we went back inside and Steve showed us a few bits and pieces in Lightroom, Photoshop and some other editing programs (which I’m looking into as we speak).  I came away from the workshop with my brain bursting with new information and excited to be putting what I learnt into practice in the next couple months.  It was super inspiring to chat to the people that came along to the workshop as well, all at various stages of their photography ‘careers’.  Such a fantastic day, I can’t recommend Steve’s workshop highly enough.  If you’re looking to do more band photography (or wedding photography – he does a bloody good job of that too!) check him out.

Here are some pics that I took of the band and the day in general.  Enjoy!

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Various, The Shacklewell Arms 9 August 2013

Another evening shooting for Linn at Little Indie Blogs (and for myself!).  I’m a big fan of The Shacklewell Arms, and only wish that the venue was closer to home.  The night was pushed back about an hour so Telegram weren’t on until after 9pm, but definitely worth waiting for.  Admittedly I’d not heard of Telegram before Linn spoke to me about them, so had a search online before the gig and found a few live clips that gave me a brief introduction to them.  Look forward to seeing them again though, a part of the new psychedelia ‘trend’ (ugh, hate that word) around at the moment (Toy, Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs, Temples etc.) which I’m a fan of.  Excellent at pulling shapes too… My second time in a month seeing Neil’s Children – they’re following me!  Enjoyed their set more this time around for some reason, even though they had a few technical hitches.  When they get going they have such a huge sound.  Dark Horses were the headlining but I only stuck around for a couple of songs for fear of not being able to catch any decent transport home.  From what I saw they were intense and mesmerising, and the crowd had filled up so much you could barely move.  Managed to catch the tube down to Brixton and emerge to find that the sky was flooding!  Luckily the bus didn’t arrive for a good 10 minutes, so I sheltered my camera (and my hair) from the rain until my bus rocked up.  Bad evening to not bring an umbrella out…

Second outing with the 7D this one.  Looking at buying another lens in the coming weeks as I’m bored of changing lenses a few times a night.  Have my eye on a Canon 17-55mm 2.8 or Canon 16-35mm 2.8… is it worth getting an L series when the alternative is much cheaper and almost just as good?  Decisions decisions.

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Cheatahs, Old Queen’s Head 1 August 2013

I was looking forward to going along to see Cheatahs at Old Queen’s Head as I knew from a previous visit that the lighting in there was lovely (= good for photographers) and relatively easy to get some close shots.  I was especially excited because my new pride and joy had arrived in the post – I am now the proud owner of a Canon 7D!  It took a while to get used to on the first night as a lot of the buttons were in different places than I was used to with the 1000D, so had to fiddle around in the dark with a few things, but the pictures didn’t turn out too bad.  The venue wasn’t packed to the rafters either, which was great as it was a hot evening.  Although someone needed to turn down the dry ice – my hair stank of the stuff when I got home!  Great gig though, and my first time seeing Cheatahs.  Pics below…


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