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The Cribs, O2 Shepherd’s Bush 22 February 2013

Ahhh The Cribs.  One of only a small handful of bands from the Naughties who are still making great music, and still true to their fans.  I have a lot of time for bands like The Cribs – passionate, politically minded, not afraid to say what they want and hell, they know how to write a song.  For a band who are 10 years old (young?) and with plenty of fans, they’re still the same as they’ve ever been – no dating of airhead models, no selling their souls to advertise for commercial brands, no spending their earnings on unnecessarily sickeningly flashy cars (I’m looking at you Harry Styles).  The Cribs are the real deal.  That said, I’ve only seen them once before, so I was really looking forward to this gig.  Shepherd’s Bush is a pain in the arse to get to, but the venue itself is alright, provided you have a decent spot in the crowd.  I wasn’t too sure on the camera situation at the Bush so decided to take the Nikon Coolpix again.  We managed to squeeze into a spot right at the back and centre of the standing area, and stayed there until our bladders could take it no longer.  The Cribs were brilliant, pulling out all the hits with the whole crowd singing along, pints flying through the air (oh yeah, like that’ll NEVER get boring children…).  Not a huge fan of their latest album In The Belly of the Brazen Bull (it still poos all over a lot of other albums released last year), so there was a bit of a lull when they played a few songs off that in a row.  Other than that though, the crowd were loving every minute of it, kids were dancing and shouting and singing along… and so was I.   Photo quality in this blog is severely lacking due to a) being so far up the back, b) using the point & shoot, not DSLR, and c) not standing still long enough to take a decent, non-dancing photo.  Some gigs are meant to just be enjoyed though, and this one was very, very enjoyable.  So enjoyable, that I bought a t-shirt.  When Payola comes out (belatedly) on March 11th, do yourself a favour and pick it up.

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