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Menswe@r at Queen of Hoxton, 9 August 2014

Just between you and I, I was a big fan of Menswe@r in the 90s.  They were easily in the top 5 of my most favourite Britpop bands ever (because everyone loves a list) and I religiously collected their (very snazzily designed) CD singles on import in Australia when I was a teenager.  I never understood the flack they got back then, and I was always proud to say I was a fan.

I guess people say it’s a nostalgia thing going to see your most loved bands from when you were a teenager and to some extent it is.  When the band you’re seeing has been revived with a new line up and fresh energy, it’s all about going to see a bloody brilliant gig.

The only thing that marred the night was a few ‘lads! bantz! pints!’ guys in the crowd who at their age should really know better, but fortunately that didn’t take away much from the overall experience.  Johnny Dean and the new Menswe@r line up clearly love playing together as they put on a fantastic show and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

My only regret is not bringing a zoom lens with me (for fear of it being confiscated by security!) and having to make do with my 50mm 1.8, which I hid in the arm of my jacket on the way in (don’t try this at home kids).  The shots were all quite close as a result… live and learn!

If you were a fan of Menswe@r in the 90s, or even if you weren’t, I can highly recommend you go check them out if you can.  If you don’t get a chance though, here’s some pics so you can pretend you were there.  Enjoy!

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Teleman, Islington Assembly Hall, 20 May 2014

My first time shooting at Islington Assembly Hall last week, and in fact the first time I’d actually been there for a gig.  Gorgeous venue, and one I hope to go back to at some stage.  They’ve been putting on some great acts recently so I’m sure I’ll be back there before too long.

Teleman were great, very chilled.  For some reason I was disappointed with the shots I took after I left the venue, but when I processed them they seemed to turn out alright.  I’ve been playing around in Lightroom a bit more recently and have come across much easier ways to remove red lighting from pictures where the end result does’t make the artists look sallow skinned and ghost-like!  I had to apply this to some of the Teleman photos and I’m pretty pleased with the results, compared to the originals.

The pics on Shout 4 Music are here, or check them out below.  Enjoy!

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Eagulls, Electrowerkz 5th March 2014

First ever visit to Electrowerkz on Wednesday night, and I sure as hell wasn’t disappointed.  Did you know they do £3 large cans of Red Stripe there?  THREE QUID!!  I had four!  Secondly, the stage there is quite raised so shorty me could see everything, all the time.  Amazing.  Thirdly, the staff were all lovely.  Location?  Brilliant.  Dingy and dark?  You betcha.  Why I’ve not visited Electrowerkz before I have no idea, but I’m hoping to go back there sometime soon.  No camera policy from what I experienced either.

But the location aside, what a gig.  Autobahn were a solid support for Eagulls, eerie dark rock with a charismatic frontman.  We like that.  Looking forward already to seeing them again, and hearing more of their stuff.  I’d seen Primitive Parts before supporting Franz Ferdinand earlier in the year.  They were a bit uninspiring this time to be honest, much less aggressive than Autobahn, but had a couple of decent tunes.

I did doubt whether there would be any kind of mosh for Eagulls after what I’d heard of their music, as we all know what London crowds are like.  Yup, I was wrong.  Beer flying, shouting, pushing, cameras almost getting smashed – brilliant!  But pretty glad I was up on the ledge at the side of the venue rather than up the front trying to take photos, my camera would have taken a beating/beer coating.  Cannot wait to see the pics from one of the photographers up the front who was right in the mosh through most of it, taking photos of the crowd as well.  Brilliant work, I do salute you.  Eagulls themselves were fantastic – so intense, loud and heavy.  Bassist Tom Kelly is a bloody machine.  Like Hooky but much harder.  The whole band were insane for that matter.  Catch them in a small venue while you can.

Didn’t take many pics but see below a few taken with the 7D/50mm 1.8.  Enjoy!


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The Twang, Village Underground 13th February 2014

Ahhh The Twang.  I can’t say I’m their biggest fan, and I would only know a few of their songs if I was really pushed to think about it.  But nevertheless, I applied to take photos of them at Village Underground earlier in the week and found myself heading along.  I’ll be honest with you, I was worried about getting a plastic pint of piss thrown at the back of my head whilst in the pit, or being yelled at, or slipping over someone’s vomit… but none of that happened, and I had one of the best times shooting at a gig that I’ve probably ever had.

The crowd were so incredibly into it!  Yes, there were some very drunk people, but they were all just so happy and singing along and cheers-ing each other throughout.  At one point Phil Etheridge had a proper go at a security guard who had angrily pushed his way through the crowd to pull a guy down who was sitting on another guys shoulders.  “He wasn’t doing anything wrong mate, he was just having a good time.  If you’re going to do shit like that all night then everyone’s going to have a boring time of it”.  Ouch!

Great night, great fun band and took some great shots.  Would take photos of them again in a heartbeat.  Village Underground has shot to the top of my favourite venues to shoot at list, lovely high ceilings, brilliant lighting and awesome exposed brickwork.  More please!  Keep an eye out for the pics on Shout 4 Music, but a few are below for your enjoyment.  Cheers 🙂


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Cheatahs, Birthdays 12th February 2014

The gigs are starting back up again, huzzah!  I was sent to Birthdays (my first ever visit) in Dalston to photograph and review Cheatahs for Shout 4 Music earlier in the week, which was pretty enjoyable.  My review is up on the Shout 4 Music website here, and the photos should be up soon.  Not the wildest of nights or best gig I’ve ever been to, but it was a pleasant evening I guess you could say!  Better than sitting at home staring at a screen for the evening in any case…

Super easy to get around and take photos inside Birthdays, even though it was busy, as the crowd were standing a couple of feet away from the front of the stage.  Too close to even try my 35mm 1.4 which I bought along for an airing, so stuck to my 17-15mm 2.8 for the whole show.  Really need to upgrade my glass as I’m getting bored of the 17-55!  Must start saving.  Here’s some pics of the gig, enjoy.

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The Courteeners, O2 Shepherd’s Bush, 3rd December 2013

Thanks to the lovely people at Shout4Music, I was given a photopass for The Courteeners at O2 Shepherd’s Bush earlier this week.  My first time shooting at Shepherd’s Bush (apart from sneaking my camera in for Jake Bugg earlier in the year!), I was pretty excited.  Three songs is a bit of a bitch though, but luckily there were only two other photogs to work around, so could get the shots that I needed fairly quickly.  My first time seeing The Courteeners as well, and they were nothing short of brilliant.  Liam knows how to work a crowd (and subtly work a photographer), and lucky for me the lighting was spot on, which I guess you expect of bigger venues.

Check out the better shots on Shout4Music here, and a few more below.  I took two lenses but only ended up using my 17-55mm, which I’m finding is a great all-rounder.  Really enjoyed myself, bring on more bigger venue opportunities please!

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Deap Vally, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam 16 November 2013

Lucky Jen took a trip to Amsterdam last weekend, mainly to see the fabulous ladies that are Deap Vally play at Bitterzoet, but also to see some canals, push bikes, and LOTS of Heineken.  Could have happily spent another few days in Amsterdam but the day job unfortunately doesn’t offer enough annual leave days (sigh), so it was a flying visit.

First time in Amsterdam meant first time at Bitterzoet.  It’s kind of in/near the red light district, and close to a couple of other bars that we wanted to check out while we were there.  Very convenient.  Bitterzoet was ace – the staff were nothing but friendly and efficient (take note London pub/club staff), the stained glass windows with naked ladies on them were gorgeous (they were!) and the venue had may vantage points to take photos, although most of the time I was up the front and to the side, as you can see from the pics (as they’re mostly of Lindsey).  We were lucky enough to get a signed poster off them personally at the end of the night, and had our photos taken with them (CRAZY FANS KLAXON).

I used my Canon 7D with 17-55mm lens, and was considering using flash but really didn’t need to.  Check out the pics below, enjoy!

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Virgil and the Accelerators, O2 Islington, 7 November 2013

Finally had the chance to catch Virgil and the Accelerators live, after being lucky enough to shoot with them at the Steve Gerrard gig photography workshop in Birmingham a few months back (blog here!).  They’ve been touring madly for the last couple of months and finally they made to to London, bringing a swag of t-shirts and albums to sell on the night.  I managed a good spot up the front to take photos, and noticed a line of fans, all with their phones/point & shoot cameras at the ready, already decked out in V&TA t-shirts!  They have some pretty keen fans…  Virgil and Jack are so easy to photograph – brilliant presence and fantastic shape pullers.  Difficult to see Gabriel behind his drum kit but he was smashing away the whole time, not unlike his mascot, The Muppets’ ‘Animal’, who sat in front of his kit.  I managed to find their manager Martin after a few songs and thanked him for the ticket/photo pass, to which he passed onto me not one but TWO V&TA t-shirts!  One of them adorns a photo I had taken of them at the Steve Gerrard day, which I was most pleased about.

I used my Canon 7D with 17-55mm f2.8 most of the time, and switched to my 50mm 1.8 for a few shots.  The 50mm is just so much lighter and easier to shoot with after lugging the 17-55mm around!  Was up fairly close to the stage though so the 50mm wasn’t always convenient.  The lighting was decent so wasn’t even concerned that it was a no-flash gig.  I mostly sat on 1000 ISO.  Pics below, enjoy!


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Radkey, The Black Heart, 17 October 2013

I had the pleasure of seeing American band Radkey in tiny Black Heart in Camden last week.  Luckily I perched up the front for a few minutes before they came on so that I could get a decent spot to take photos at.  Radkey are fairly new to me – I only just heard their stuff about two weeks ago and bought tickets for the gig on a bit of a whim.  Glad I did though, awesome stuff.  Loads of people at the sold out gig singing along and getting all sweaty by the end of it.  Managed a quick photo with singer/guitarist Dee at the end of the night – they seem like lovely lads.  Go see them at The Macbeth with Polterghost on Halloween if you can!

Loads of gigs coming up, some taking photos (Holograms, Loom), some just watching (Arctic Monkeys, Parquet Courts) – it’s going to be a busy few weeks…

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Filthy Boy, Old Queen’s Head Islington, 26 September 2013

Anyone who knows me would know that I’ve been quite the fan of Filthy Boy for the past year or two – I bang on about them enough on twitter!  Finally they’re starting to get the recognition that they deserve, recently winning Steve Lamacq’s Rebel Playlist with their single ‘That Life’, gaining a lot of 6 Music airplay and picking up a few fans in the process.  It’s great seeing them headlining a sold out gig (tickets on the door lucky for me) and watching people sing their (usually quite filthy) lyrics back at them.  The set was short, but the tunes were there, even a couple new ones to get us excited about the next album, whenever that might be.  Bloody love Filthy Boy, such a fantastic band who deserve more recognition.

Caught the whole of Towns set as well which I was glad about.  Patiently waiting for a debut album from them at some stage, but happy to see them live as much as possible in the meantime!  Watched a bit of Men’s Adventures as well but they weren’t really my bag.  Not a fan of English guys singing in American accents… but to each their own.

Photos could have been much better had I bought my flash, but these things happen!  Here’s a few, enjoy.

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