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2014 – The best of the best

Another year has nearly come to a close so it’s high time I got sorted and posted my ‘best of the year’ lists.  This list is MUCH easier to do with the help of Last.fm – if you don’t have an account then I suggest you get one!  I’m a big fan of stats and music, so I’m on there regularly checking which bands I’ve been listening to more than others.  The ‘top artists/top tracks’ isn’t exactly a true reflection of what I like the most, but it’s a pretty good guide.

So without further ado, here’s the listicles.


  1. The Courteeners – Concrete Love.  I was never a big fan of these guys until photographing them at Shepherd’s Bush last year.  Found it hard to not listen to this album at least twice a week since it was released.
  2. The Heartbreaks – We May Yet Stand a Chance.  Another corker from these guys, just missing out on the top spot (it was a REALLY tough choice).
  3. Interpol – El Pintor.  Did not expect Interpol to be in my top anything this year!  They’re back and as good as they’ve ever been (as good as their early stuff anyway).
  4. The Wytches – Annabel Dream Reader.  Finally got to listen to an album from these guys after banging on about them all through 2013.  Did not disappoint.
  5. DZ Deathrays – Black Rat.  These guys make me proud to be an Aussie 🙂
  6. Royal Blood – Royal Blood
  7. Eagulls – Eagulls
  8. Johnny Marr – Playland
  9. The Orwells – Disgraceland
  10. Morrissey – World Peace is None of Your Business
  11. The Family Rain – Under the Volcano
  12. Maximo Park – Too Much Information
  13. The Amazing Snakeheads – Amphetamine Ballads
  14. Manic Street Preachers – Futurology
  15. Sleaford Mods – Divide and Exit
  16. Wampire – Bazaar
  17. Bass Drum of Death – Rip This
  18. Liars – Mess
  19. Howler – World of Joy
  20. White Lung – Deep Fantasy
  21. Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World
  22. Temples – Sun Restructured
  23. Hookworms – The Hum
  24. Perfect Pussy – Say Yes to Love

Honorable mentions: Meatbodies – Meatbodies and Cheatahs – Cheatahs


  1. Absolved – The Heartbreaks.  An easy number one this year.  Incomparable.  These guys know how to write a pop song.  If they had a bit more exposure it could have been a Christmas number one!
  2. Leave This Island – Maximo Park.  Another band from the 00’s coming back this year with some brilliant stuff.  This track will always remind me of my birthday in Edinburgh at the start of the year.  Lovely stuff.
  3. How Good It Was – Courteeners.  Summer in one song.  Hard not to sing along to.
  4. Continental Shelf – Viet Cong.  This is why you don’t do your end of year lists until at least mid-December.  Only heard this track about three weeks ago and it’s been an earworm ever since.  Formed from the ashes of Calgary band ‘Women’ (who were also brilliant), no doubt their album is going to be in my top 10 next year.
  5. Easy Money – Johnny Marr.  Is this not the most catchy song you have ever heard in your life?!  Pretty much.
  6. Anywhere – Interpol
  7. Reflective Skull – DZ Deathrays
  8. Where’s Your Car Debbie – Slaves
  9. Come on Over – Royal Blood
  10. So Now You Know – The Horrors
  11. Mess on a Mission – Liars
  12. XXX – The Bohicas
  13. Money – Life
  14. Tied up in Nottz – Sleaford Mods
  15. Trainwreck 1979 – Death from Above 1979
  16. So Oh – The Charlatans
  17. Here it Comes Again – Amazing Snakeheads
  18. Nerve Endings – Eagulls
  19. Dirty Sheets – The Orwells
  20. Let’s go to War – Manic Street Preachers
  21. Istanbul – Morrissey
  22. Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped in Plastic – Slug
  23. Bad Attitude – Wapire
  24. Lawman – Girl Band

Honorable mentions: Wanderlust – Wild Beasts and Drown the Monster – White Lung


  1. The Orwells – The Fleece, Bristol.  Expect little and be surprised.  Could not believe how good these guys were live, pushed it as far as they were physically able.  Super entertaining.
  2. The Heartbreaks – The Lexington, London.  Hard not to enjoy a gig by these guys these days.  They have such lovely fans as well – learning the dance moves to the ‘Absolved’ video clip, much to the delight of the band.
  3. Eagulls – Electrowerkz, London
  4. Amazing Snakeheads – Electric Ballroom, London
  5. The Courteeners – Brixton Academy, London
  6. The Cribs – East Village Arts Club, Liverpool
  7. Her Parents – The Monarch, London
  8. Menswear – Queen of Hoxton, London
  9. Manic Street Preachers – Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin
  10. Twilight Sad – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London


This blog wouldn’t be complete without a list of my favourite photos that I had taken at gigs in 2014.  Still pinch myself that I’m lucky enough to get in the pit at gigs these days.  Long may it continue!

Enjoy your holidays if you have any, and I’ll see you in the New Year!


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Bass Drum of Death/Crows/Yak, The Shacklewell Arms 13 November 2014

Once again The Shacklewell rolls out three incredible bands in one night – how do they manage to get it right so often?!  (I suspect Bad Vibrations had a big part in all of this…)

My main purpose of heading to the gig was to see Bass Drum of Death but decided to head there early to catch Yak.  Knew nothing about them until they started playing, and I still don’t know anything about them apart from the fact that they are remarkable live.  Definitely seeing them again at some stage.

Seeing as Yak were so fantastic, odds on the next band, Crows, would have to be crap, SURELY. Nope, another remarkable band and another remarkable performance.

And then there was Bass Drum of Death.  By that stage the crowd was packed in like sardines and the mosh pit was like a whirlpool, sucking everyone in.  Almost lost my balance up the front a few times but couldn’t stop laughing because everyone was just having way too much fun.  Not the best shots of these guys due to no flash/being jostled constantly, but I gave it a red hot go.

Managed to not break the camera and the 24-70 survived to tell the tale… just.  Black and white shots again because red lighting is just NO FUN when you’re trying to take photos without a flash.

If you can, check out ALL the bands in this post, live.  It’ll be worth your while!

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Her Parents, The Monarch 2 May 2014

I’m glad I’m all over twitter as much as I am or else I would have discovered too late that Her Parents were breaking up, and missed their last ever London gig at The Monarch.  As luck would have it I found out on Thursday afternoon that their last gig was going to be the next evening, and as I (kind of) didn’t have anything else on, decided to see them one last time.

The gig was to be expected – hilarious, vigorous, shouty and silly.  Really going to miss these guys.  Do yourself a favour and buy their two albums before you can’t get them anymore.  Luckily I have both on (one) vinyl – considering they were both in my end of year lists for last year and the year before, how could I not?!  Their albums are for when you either a) want a laugh out loud or b) want to punch someone in the face repeatedly.  Music for ALL occasions!

Thanks for the last few years Her Parents, you will not be forgotten.

Pics of the night below, enjoy!

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Johnny Foreigner/Electric Soft Parade, The Borderline, April 2014

It’s been a busy few weeks recently, not so much on the gig photography but more on the day job side of things.  I’ve been looking to move jobs recently and have just landed a new one, so no more running to interviews on my lunch break or before work, all sorted!  Now I can focus more on blogging, facebooking, instagramming and tweeting – the important stuff.

As I mentioned previously I’ve been offered an in-house photographer position with MAMA venues, which I’ve now started.  I’ve recently shot a couple of bands at The Borderline which has been much fun – a nice small venue in an easy location with early stage times – what’s not to like?!  Plus the bands there have been great so far, so I’m hoping to do some more in the coming weeks.  A couple of weeks back I shot Johnny Foreigner there, and just last week Electric Soft Parade.  I’m keeping my eye on upcoming gigs to see what takes my fancy and will grab what I can!  If you know of any bands playing there coming up who would be good to photograph let me know and I’ll see if I can pop along.

A couple weeks ago I had a photo shoot with a lovely band from Southampton called Welcome Pariah, while they were up in Camden for a gig.  We traipsed around the back streets (and telephone boxes!) of Camden on a Friday night and took some group shots of them in various places.  Really easy to work with and just lovely guys all around.  The photos are being used as press shots to accompany their upcoming single (June release date), so will share a few pics of the shoot when that’s all come out.  Exciting stuff, for both the band and me!

Starting my new day job tomorrow (eep!), but honestly have loads and loads of gigs coming up in the next few weeks/months, so keep your eye on my twitter/instagram/blog etc.  Photos of the recent Borderline gigs below, enjoy!

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Wild Beasts, XOYO, 26th February 2014

Last week I was lucky enough to score a photog pass to the sold out Wild Beasts album launch show at XOYO for London in Stereo.  The place was PACKED.  And sweaty.  Album number four and I’m still loving Wild Beasts.  Probably one of very few bands who have released more than two albums that I’ve actually remained a big fan of.  The new album is a corker (was to be expected though) and the gig at XOYO was brilliant.  Hearing their stuff live and up close is such a pleasure, and they seem like genuinely thankful and lovely guys.

As it was so busy at XOYO it was difficult to get a decent range of shots throughout the gig – I was mostly stuck up on a ledge one side of the stage, so my zoom lens came in handy.  I took the 35mm 1.2 for a spin as well, really loving that lens right now.  New glass will be coming soon though I hope (after a bit more saving), watch this space!

Pics of the night below, and here on London in Stereo.  Enjoy!

PS – have just been offered an in-house photographer position with MAMA venues (Camden Barfly, Borderline, The Forum, The Garage etc. – ALL THE AMAZING VENUES!) so expect a LOAD of blog posts in the coming months!

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The Twang, Village Underground 13th February 2014

Ahhh The Twang.  I can’t say I’m their biggest fan, and I would only know a few of their songs if I was really pushed to think about it.  But nevertheless, I applied to take photos of them at Village Underground earlier in the week and found myself heading along.  I’ll be honest with you, I was worried about getting a plastic pint of piss thrown at the back of my head whilst in the pit, or being yelled at, or slipping over someone’s vomit… but none of that happened, and I had one of the best times shooting at a gig that I’ve probably ever had.

The crowd were so incredibly into it!  Yes, there were some very drunk people, but they were all just so happy and singing along and cheers-ing each other throughout.  At one point Phil Etheridge had a proper go at a security guard who had angrily pushed his way through the crowd to pull a guy down who was sitting on another guys shoulders.  “He wasn’t doing anything wrong mate, he was just having a good time.  If you’re going to do shit like that all night then everyone’s going to have a boring time of it”.  Ouch!

Great night, great fun band and took some great shots.  Would take photos of them again in a heartbeat.  Village Underground has shot to the top of my favourite venues to shoot at list, lovely high ceilings, brilliant lighting and awesome exposed brickwork.  More please!  Keep an eye out for the pics on Shout 4 Music, but a few are below for your enjoyment.  Cheers 🙂


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Cheatahs, Birthdays 12th February 2014

The gigs are starting back up again, huzzah!  I was sent to Birthdays (my first ever visit) in Dalston to photograph and review Cheatahs for Shout 4 Music earlier in the week, which was pretty enjoyable.  My review is up on the Shout 4 Music website here, and the photos should be up soon.  Not the wildest of nights or best gig I’ve ever been to, but it was a pleasant evening I guess you could say!  Better than sitting at home staring at a screen for the evening in any case…

Super easy to get around and take photos inside Birthdays, even though it was busy, as the crowd were standing a couple of feet away from the front of the stage.  Too close to even try my 35mm 1.4 which I bought along for an airing, so stuck to my 17-15mm 2.8 for the whole show.  Really need to upgrade my glass as I’m getting bored of the 17-55!  Must start saving.  Here’s some pics of the gig, enjoy.

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We Are Scientists, Barfly, 5 February 2014

And we’re back!

Long time no blog, mostly because of the lack of gigs to go to over the last month or two.  This year’s first gig came courtesy of free tickets to see the wonderful We Are Scientists at Camden Barfly earlier in the week.  So hilarious, so attractive, so fantastic.  Not sure of whether I’d be too close to the front of the stage I decided to take my 50mm 1.8 instead of anything more wide, partly because of the distance but also because the lens is much lighter than any of my other ones.  With the ongoing tube strikes I didn’t want to be caught on a tube carrying anything too heavy, so that was my excuse!  Mates Jill and John came along with us and we politely (always) walked through the crowd to a spot at the side close to the front.  I’m short, so excuse the crowd head shots – it had to be done.

More gigs to come in the following weeks so keep your eyes on the blog as things are expecting to ramp up again.  Have also been busy photographing the lovely people at both Midnight A Go Go and Ice Cold which are both always a fun night.  If you’re in the area come down to The Waiting Room and have a boogie!  Some of my shots are on the facebook pages, check ’em out.

Enjoy We Are Scientists!

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Giggage best of 2013 – tracks, albums and gigs

Hello one and all, and Happy Festivus!

As is the tradition ’round these parts (well, my tradition…) it’s that time of year again where I throw into the air all of my favourite songs, albums and gigs of the year and see where they land.   So below, I give you, the year that was in giggage music – 2013.


This year has been a easy one, because no matter how many times people complain about top albums lists being ‘redundant’ (‘It’s all about single tracks now guys, the album is dead!’ etc. and on and on), I’ve managed to find it effortless to list of more than 30 albums that I’ve thought have been fantastic in 2013.  This year, for me anyway, the album has been superior to the single.  Maybe I have a longer attention span than my Gen Y compadres?!  Whatever it is, artists aren’t giving up on the album, and so they shouldn’t.  It’s an art form, whether it be on vinyl, CD or mp3.  This year was difficult to separate my top 10, but easy to choose at least 30 albums to ‘judge’.  So without any further ado, here they are:

30. Hanni El Khatib – Head in the Dirt.

29. Depeche Mode – Delta Machine

28. Jacco Gardner – Cabinet of Curiosities

27. Anna Calvi – One Breath

26. Toy – Join The Dots

25. Traams – Grin

24. The Courteeners – Anna

23. Lust for Youth – Perfect View

22. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II

21. Bass Drum of Death – Bass Drum of Death

20. Her Parents – Happy Birthday

19. Suede – Bloodsports

18. Tripwires – Spacehopper

17. The Smith Westerns – Soft Will

16. Deap Vally – Sistrionix

15. Holograms – Forever

14. Wampire – Curiosity

13. Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold

12. Johnny Marr – Messenger

11. Sulk – Graceless

10. Jagwar Ma – Howlin’

9.  FIDLAR – FIDLAR.  Funniest/drunkest band of 2013.

8.  Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs – Clarietta.  The best of the psychedelia class of 2013.  Oh, and Edwyn Collins produced. Gotta be good.

7.  Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.  Coming back with this album after a four year hiatus was a stroke of genius.

6.  Miles Kane – Don’t Forget Who You Are.  Never a Miles fan until this year – love him now!

5.  Peace – In Love.  According to my last.fm stats I’ve listened to this album the most out of every other album this year.  It is SO ADDICTIVE!  I’ve had to tell myself on more than one occasion ‘Jen, no, you can’t listen to this AGAIN this week, you’ve had enough’, but I still managed to fit it in way too many times.  Peace are fun, charming, and fairly derivative.  But so what?  They also have an awesome album, and it pleases me seeing how far they’ve come this year.  And any man who regularly wears make-up and leopard print will always be thought of highly in my books.  

4.  Savages – Silence Yourself.  On a great deal of (worthy) end of year lists this year but it’s no surprise, as it’s a brilliant album.  I’ve been partial to dark, angry, brooding music this year and these guys have it in spades.  Another band who steer clear of the ‘look at me, I’m famous!’ lifestyle.  Jehnny Beth is undoubtedly female musician of the year for me.

3.  Filthy Boy – Smile That Won’t Go Down.  Loved these guys for ages now and it was such a pleasure to have them release their debut album and for it to be fantastic.  Lyrically ridiculously remarkable (see Alex Turner but much more seedy) and also for such young guys some great talent.  Not ones for hyping themselves up or over-promotion, it’s probably why I like them as much as I do.

2.  Drenge – Drenge.  This was so incredibly close to beating out AM for the top this year, and they’ve been interchangeable for weeks now.  For a not only young but also only two member band, the tunes that they make are just spectacular.  Live they are ridiculous!  I love me an angry album, and this was my go-to for many a Monday morning train journey to work this year.

1.  Arctic Monkeys – AM.  I just couldn’t go past AM for the top spot this year.  I wasn’t much of a fan of their last album (blasphemy!), but they’ve come back ridiculously strong with this one.  It’s had almost a weekly appearance on my iPod since it was released and I’m still not tired of it.  AM’s are well and truly BACK.


Putting together a top 30 singles/tracks list is also a yearly necessity – I wouldn’t want to leave out any brilliant bands who haven’t released an album this year (or yet), would I?!  As it stands, there are seven tracks on this list from artists who haven’t released an album this year.  There have been some brilliant new bands emerge in 2013 that are yet to release an LP (The Family Rain, The Wytches, Temples, Telegram etc.), and loads more new bands that I’ve seen live who have been great but haven’t made the list.  So, here they be (linked to the track on YouTube).

30. Suede – It Starts and Ends with You

29. Art Brut – We Make Pop Music

28. Her Parents – Why Don’t You Just Fuck Off

27. Telegram – Follow

26. Teleman – Christina

25. Parquet Courts – Master of my Craft

24. The Courteeners – Are You in Love with a Notion

23. Temples – Colours to Life

22. Holograms – Meditations

21. Night Engine – I’ll Make it Worth your While

20. Wampire – The Hearse

19. Johnny Marr – Lockdown

18. UMO – So Good At Being in Trouble

17. Tripwires – Shimmer

16. Sulk – Flowers

15. The Cribs – Leather Jacket Love Song

14. Deap Vally – Walk of Shame

13. Savages – She Will

12. Arctic Monkeys – Snap Out of It

11. Franz Ferdinand – Evil Eye

10. Filthy Boy – That Life

9.  FIDLAR – Cocaine

8.  The Family Rain – Pushing It

7.  Primal Scream – 2013

6.  Jagwar Ma – The Throw

5.  Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs – Be Glamorous.  The entire album is fab, but this song in particular I’m a huge fan of – the filmclip is the best.  This track is a bit more knees up than some of their other stuff but it’s a fun number to sing along and don your best lippie too (you too boys).  And they all have lovely hair.

4.  Drenge – Bloodsports.  This is the track that made me sit up and want to hear more from Drenge.  I saw them at the 100 Club supporting The Cribs earlier in the year and even though I couldn’t see them (vertically challenged) I thought they were fantastic.  How can two guys make such a fantastic racket?!  I don’t know, but I love it.

3.  Miles Kane – Don’t Forget Who You Are.  I admit it, I’ve never really been that fussed on Mr Kane, but when this track came out earlier in the year my thoughts changed.  Hand clapping, uplifting chorus, ‘la la la’s’… not sure how anyone CAN’T like this.  I actually fell in love with Miles a bit in 2013.  True story.  Then he chopped off his locks and I fell a little bit out of love with him.  The end.

2.  Peace – Follow Baby.  So much like early Blur/Stone Roses it was a bit off-putting at first, but once I got over that fact I was hooked.  The catchy guitar riffs, the rolling drums, the holding back before the chorus… as Mr Takai would say, Oh Myyyy.

1.  The Wytches – Robe For Juda.  I just can’t think of another song this year that I’ve enjoyed more than this one.  Late runners, but easily track of the year.  I’m a sucker for tempo changes and clamorous song finales, what can I say…  Seeing them live at The Black Heart a couple months ago really did it for me (blog here, and Shout4Music review here!).  For all their angst and yelling and noisy guitars, they seem like lovely young guys. My only regret with The Wytches this year is not giving them a 10/10 in my live review on Shout4Music.  Live and learn.


According to my calculations I’ve been to over 50 gigs this year (here’s a map of all the locations I’ve been to, because I had way too much time on my hands at my day job one day…).  That’s only averaged out at around 2 per week.  PRETTY SLACK.  Hoping to possibly do more in 2014, depending on what comes up photography-wise.  This year was chock full of fantastic gigs, a lot of first-time-seeing bands and a few new gig venues (travelling to Paris for Tim Burgess and Amsterdam for Deap Vally helped with that cause!).  Here’s the top ten for this year, although most of the top five could be interchangeable, depending on how I’m feeling on any given day…

10. Loom at The Black Heart – 4th September.  If you have not seem Loom live yet, do yourself a favour.  I have no idea of any of the names of any of their songs, but they just kill it live.  And almost kill people.  You have been warned.

Loom, 2013

Loom, 2013

9.  Holograms at The Lexington – 21st October.  I can’t NOT have this gig in my list after producing both a feature interview and a gig review for Shout4Music as a result!  Have loved these guys since last year and it was an immense pleasure to discover that in person they are also funny, engaging and lovely people.

Holograms, 2013

Holograms, 2013

8.  The Courteeners at O2 Shepherd’s Bush – 3rd December.  This gig also holds a special place in my 2013 heart as it was the first proper ‘pit’ gig that I went to with my camera.  Oh, and Liam Fray is a mighty fine specimen when 2 feet away…

Liam Fray of Courteeners, 2013

Liam Fray of Courteeners, 2013

7. The Family Rain at Borderline – 5th July.  Fantastic gig, but made even better after the event.  We met them after the gig and they signed a huge poster for us.  In our drunken haze at The Crowbar afterwards we managed to leave the signed poster there, never to be seen again.  A few emails to their management (by my plucky other half) and a couple weeks later we were in possession of a brand new, signed poster from The Family Rain.  This one addressed ‘To Dave and Jen (again)’.  Nicest guys in indie 2013.

The Family Rain - the poster!

The Family Rain – the poster!

6.  The Cribs at O2 Shepherd’s Bush – 22nd February.  Squashed up the back and managed to take one of my favourite shots of the year, with my point and shoot no less.  I had a real Cribs resurgence this year, and the gig was a brilliant advertisement for their Payola best of that came out this year.  Love these guys.

Shepherd's Bush, 2013

Shepherd’s Bush, 2013

5.  Arctic Monkeys/Drenge for iTunes Festival at The Roundhouse – 9th September.  Almost the line up of the year (see further below for that accolade), seeing both bands in a slightly smaller venue was ace.  The crowd were loving it as well.  Can’t go wrong for a free gig.

Drenge, 2013

Drenge, 2013

4.  Miles Kane/The Family Rain at Brixton Academy – 11th October.  Luckily just down the road from my place so always happy to see a gig at Brixton.  Could not believe how lovely the crowd were.  For some reason I was expecting piss-throwing ‘lads lads lads’ all over the place, but there were couples, young kids, older folk and an all around ‘nice’ vibe.  And everyone was singing along!  Loved every minute of it.

3.  Jagwar Ma at The Barfly – 14th October.  Pretty sure I rocked up to this sold out, tiny gig either hungover or just in a bad mood, and didn’t expect much to change.  I cannot believe how much Jagwar Ma live were able to lift my mood.  Aural drugs?!  Maybe.  I danced – DANCED!  Everyone danced for that matter, even the annoying blokes who stood chatting the whole time the support DJ was playing.  It made me want to see them live again and again.  Their album is great, but live they are just on another level.

2.  The Wytches at The Black Heart – 21st November.  Wasn’t sure what to expect from these guys when I went along to The Black Heart to photograph their gig, but I had swotted up on their tunes before heading along.  They just blew me away.  Such unassuming kids producing such a massive, angry sound.  I was shaking my head most of the evening because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing/hearing.  Bring on The Wytches in 2014.

The Wytches, 2013

The Wytches, 2013

1.  Peace at O2 Shepherd’s Bush – 6th December.  A late runner but well deserved.  Crowd were decent, the sound was ace, there wasn’t a lull at all AND they played their cover of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’.  For the first time seeing these guys I wasn’t sure if I’d missed the boat on seeing a decent live show from them.  Oh how wrong I was.  Pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

ADDED BONUS – Line up of the year!  This would have to go to the Metz, Cheatahs and The Wytches line up at Village Underground.  Three bands that I’d listened to a LOT this year, and all three of them performed at such a massively high standard.  Pretty sure The Wytches walked away with another 500 fans that night.

So there you have it, my comprehensive list of basically what I liked in 2013.  All good stuff, of course.

Have a lovely Chrimbo and New Year to all!  Guessing this will be the last post of the year, so see you all in 2014.  Thanks for reading 🙂


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The Courteeners, O2 Shepherd’s Bush, 3rd December 2013

Thanks to the lovely people at Shout4Music, I was given a photopass for The Courteeners at O2 Shepherd’s Bush earlier this week.  My first time shooting at Shepherd’s Bush (apart from sneaking my camera in for Jake Bugg earlier in the year!), I was pretty excited.  Three songs is a bit of a bitch though, but luckily there were only two other photogs to work around, so could get the shots that I needed fairly quickly.  My first time seeing The Courteeners as well, and they were nothing short of brilliant.  Liam knows how to work a crowd (and subtly work a photographer), and lucky for me the lighting was spot on, which I guess you expect of bigger venues.

Check out the better shots on Shout4Music here, and a few more below.  I took two lenses but only ended up using my 17-55mm, which I’m finding is a great all-rounder.  Really enjoyed myself, bring on more bigger venue opportunities please!

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A blog concerning films, filmmaking and the films made by Strange Tea Productions. Did I mention it was about films?

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