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Jacco Gardner, The Social 11th June 2013

I’ve become quite a fan of The Social in the last few months.  The first time I went there to see a band (Sharks) it was packed and I was up the back and couldn’t see a thing.  Hated it and didn’t want to go back.  Luckily the next gig I went to there (The Heartbreaks as it so happens) wasn’t as packed, and after discovering where to stand for a good view I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more.  Earlier this week I went to see the lovely Jacco Gardner at The Social, expecting it to be packed (it was a free gig after all), only to find that when he(/they?) took to the stage there were only around 30 other people in the room.  Jacco Gardner is brilliant, so I’m a bit confused as to why there weren’t more people there?!  Whatever the case, it was a great gig.  Oh, I have to talk about the support band first though.  We managed to catch all of Ming City Rockers’ set before the main event.  I wouldn’t say that they’re ‘my’ kind of music, but they were awesome.  Bit of an F-you attitude, long hair, shouty, 70s Americana punk/rock all topped off with super fun outfits.  I don’t think the crowd were too interested but I thought they were ace.  Highly recommend seeing them if you can!  Jacco Gardner’s set was much different to Ming City Rockers’, a lot more laid back and dreamy, with perfect harmonies and musicianship from his band.  Jacco seemed like such a lovely guy, quite shy and thankful for everyone for coming along.  The drummer.  Oh my word THE DRUMMER.  Mid length shaggy unkempt hair, huge beard, sunglasses and a fag hanging out of his mouth (unlit of course) the entire time.  He was the dog’s bollocks!  Didn’t manage any decent photos of him but his awesome face is etched in my memory anyway.  Check them out when you can, doubtful you’ll get to see them for free again, but I would have paid anyway.  Take a listen to the album if you haven’t already, gorgeous stuff.

Luckily The Social doesn’t appear to have a camera policy, so was able to take in whatever I wanted with no hassle.  The lighting is a bit too bright in some places, and too dark in others, so it was difficult to get it quite right in a lot of the photos.  Managed a few decent shots though, see below and as always, enjoy!

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