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Life/The Heartbreaks/We Are Scientists, March 2014

Busy week last week with a couple of really decent gigs (amongst day job duties).  Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to be able to do this so often!  Going from small venues like The Garage upstairs, to next day shooting at O2 Shepherd’s Bush, and being able to photograph some of my favourite artists is just the best.

Wednesday night saw me popping along to shoot Life at The Garage upstairs for Shout 4 Music.  I stupidly left my phone at home on charge (well done Jen) but luckily managed to find The Garage as it was right on top of Highbury & Islington station.  Don’t get me wrong I’d been there before, but that doesn’t mean anything – all venues look the same in the dark!  Was really looking forward to seeing Life as I’d been a fan of theirs since they were The Neat a couple years ago and had seen them a few times in that guise.  So much energy and brilliant playing, it’s a shame this wasn’t their own headline gig!  Horrendous red lighting and the guys moving around a lot proved a challenge but managed to come away with some decent shots.  Keep your eyes on these guys, one of the better ‘new’ bands around at the moment.

Then Thursday night I was shooting The Heartbreaks at O2 Shepherd’s Bush for London in Stereo.  I LOVE The Heartbreaks.  Not sure if you are aware of that already (probably…).  Not just from a music point of view but they’re also just so easy to shoot – they look great, they pose (unintentionally) wickedly and they always look like they’re enjoying themselves.  Pity there weren’t more people at the O2 at that time of evening to see them.  Managed to say a quick hello to the boys in the stairwell after their set and luckily got to stay for the other two acts – Superfood and We Are Scientists.  Took some worthy shots of both bands, but Keith and Chris are just so charismatic that taking a bad photo of WAS was virtually impossible – apart from the constant jumping around resulting in blurry shots!  Stuck around for the required three songs and had a giggle at some of their banter.  Funny guys.

Met yet another photographer (Jeff Moh) who I recognised while I was at the gig, but only after I got chatting to him about leaving cameras in the back room and he told me his name.  Cool guy, LOTS of stories to tell as he’s been in the business for quite a while now.  Will no doubt bump into him again soon.  I used my 24-70mm 2.8 for all the O2 Shepherd’s Bush shots, and a combination of that and my 50mm 1.8 for the Life photos.  That 24-70mm 2.8 is just the cat’s PJs.  I am truly in love!  Wondering why I didn’t buy it sooner really.

Shots below, enjoy!

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The Courteeners, O2 Shepherd’s Bush, 3rd December 2013

Thanks to the lovely people at Shout4Music, I was given a photopass for The Courteeners at O2 Shepherd’s Bush earlier this week.  My first time shooting at Shepherd’s Bush (apart from sneaking my camera in for Jake Bugg earlier in the year!), I was pretty excited.  Three songs is a bit of a bitch though, but luckily there were only two other photogs to work around, so could get the shots that I needed fairly quickly.  My first time seeing The Courteeners as well, and they were nothing short of brilliant.  Liam knows how to work a crowd (and subtly work a photographer), and lucky for me the lighting was spot on, which I guess you expect of bigger venues.

Check out the better shots on Shout4Music here, and a few more below.  I took two lenses but only ended up using my 17-55mm, which I’m finding is a great all-rounder.  Really enjoyed myself, bring on more bigger venue opportunities please!

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The Wytches, IC1s, a bit of this and a lot of that

Good day giggage readers!  Last few weeks have been super hectic with photog work, club nights and live music, and it looks set to continue at least until mid-December.  I am NOT complaining!  Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been going down in giggage-town lately, and what’s coming up soon.

One of the best new bands I’ve seen in a long time I saw twice in the last two weeks – The Wytches.  Get onto these guys if you haven’t already, noisy guitars, dark vocals and gloomy bass lines.  Bring on an album next year (crosses fingers).  Here’s my review on Shout4Music, and a few ‘unseen’ photos below.

I also caught IC1s recently, at both Heaven (supporting The Family Rain – love those guys) and The Macbeth in Hoxton.  They’ve been kicking around for a couple years but starting to get a buzz around them after supporting a few big name bands.  Another review on Shout4Music here, and more photos below!

Keep an eye on the blog in the next couple days/week for photos of The Courteeners (shot them at O2 Shepherd’s Bush last night – AMAZING – Liam Fray is a delight to photograph!), a band with some history, The Damned at The Roundhouse, and a band you should all check out, Damn Vandals at The Dublin Castle (lotta ‘damn!’-ing coming up).

After that, looks like a bit of a break in transmission for the Christmas/New Year period.  What are we all doing?  Anything exciting?  For me, the only place to be on NYE will have to be Nuis@nce, upstairs at The Enterprise in Chalk Farm.  Bound to be a fun evening of Britpop, indie and pop rock tunes.  What could be better?!

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Jake Bugg, O2 Shepherds Bush 27 February 2013

Back to Shepherds Bush we go.  I’ve said it before, I’m not a fan of going there because it’s so out of the way (for everyone it seems), but this time we had seats, and after getting there about half an hour after doors opened we had one of the best spots in the house.  We caught all of Valerie June‘s set which was impressive, she has a ridiculously brilliant voice on her.  Nice to see a different kind of support act than the usual dime a dozen indie bands.  The crowd in the seats were pretty well behaved, apart from a couple behind us who were I guess on a date, trying to impress each other by laughing overly loudly and chatting incessantly.  An older guy in front of them (there with his daughter) turned around at one stage and gave them a talking to, which seemed to shut them right up!  Other than that, decent crowd, really varied.  We had two old guys (60+) sitting in front of us, one with pocket-sized binoculars which was quite cute.  Jake Bugg was better than I expected.  To be honest I don’t really know what I expected.  Not a single bum note, and his guitar playing was effortless.  He’s clearly not one for smiling – don’t think he cracked a smile throughout the whole set.  When you’re that talented though I guess smiling and crowd interaction is optional… I’d see him again in a second, but I’m not sure I would be willing to pay the ticket price that he can request nowadays.  That’s what you get for having a number one album I guess.

Back to using my Canon 1000D 75-300mm lens, no more point-and-shoots for a while me thinks!  Pictures below, enjoy.

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