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Filthy Boy, Old Queen’s Head Islington, 26 September 2013

Anyone who knows me would know that I’ve been quite the fan of Filthy Boy for the past year or two – I bang on about them enough on twitter!  Finally they’re starting to get the recognition that they deserve, recently winning Steve Lamacq’s Rebel Playlist with their single ‘That Life’, gaining a lot of 6 Music airplay and picking up a few fans in the process.  It’s great seeing them headlining a sold out gig (tickets on the door lucky for me) and watching people sing their (usually quite filthy) lyrics back at them.  The set was short, but the tunes were there, even a couple new ones to get us excited about the next album, whenever that might be.  Bloody love Filthy Boy, such a fantastic band who deserve more recognition.

Caught the whole of Towns set as well which I was glad about.  Patiently waiting for a debut album from them at some stage, but happy to see them live as much as possible in the meantime!  Watched a bit of Men’s Adventures as well but they weren’t really my bag.  Not a fan of English guys singing in American accents… but to each their own.

Photos could have been much better had I bought my flash, but these things happen!  Here’s a few, enjoy.

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Cheatahs, Old Queen’s Head 1 August 2013

I was looking forward to going along to see Cheatahs at Old Queen’s Head as I knew from a previous visit that the lighting in there was lovely (= good for photographers) and relatively easy to get some close shots.  I was especially excited because my new pride and joy had arrived in the post – I am now the proud owner of a Canon 7D!  It took a while to get used to on the first night as a lot of the buttons were in different places than I was used to with the 1000D, so had to fiddle around in the dark with a few things, but the pictures didn’t turn out too bad.  The venue wasn’t packed to the rafters either, which was great as it was a hot evening.  Although someone needed to turn down the dry ice – my hair stank of the stuff when I got home!  Great gig though, and my first time seeing Cheatahs.  Pics below…


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The Heartbreaks/Dexters at Old Queen’s Head, 7th February 2013

Who doesn’t like a free gig?  And when The Heartbreaks are involved there’s no way in the world you’re NOT going to drag yourself out of the house and go up to Old Queen’s Head in the pouring rain to see ‘Morecambe’s finest’ for the third time.  Great line up for a free gig, Dexters having recently had their single ‘Recover’ played on the build-up to the England v Brazil game (tune) and gaining quite a strong following, as well as Plantman who I’d not heard of before but have decided I’ll need to check them out after catching their set in between loo breaks and trips to the bar.  Interesting crowd at the gig, get the feeling over half of them were there just because it was their local pub.

Dexters were great, would go see them again and actually PAY for it next time.  They had a few die-hard fans at the front taking photos and singing along.  Managed to get a seat at one of the corner booths for the main event though, which was a bonus because I had a perfect view of the stage.  Didn’t need to use the 75-300 lens as I was so close anyway, even the 50mm was a bit too close.  Being that close I wasn’t able to snap a picture of all of them together, especially because Joseph was sitting off to the right with his drums, away from the rest of the guys.  The shots I did manage though turned out clear and bright, all thanks to the brilliant lighting at the venue.  If only more pubs could have lighting like this!  The Heartbreaks kicked it all off with a new track, then pulled out the hits, one after the other after the other.  Not much crowd interaction, but I don’t think everyone was there because of the Heartbreaks to be honest.  Free gigs, who knows what kind of punters will turn up?  Another brilliant performance, although next time I see them fingers crossed there will be new album tracks to sing along to.  Extremely pleased with my photos, the joys of being right up the front!

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