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Temples, The Boston Arms 20 June 2013

I’m usually quite a fan of seeing gigs at The Boston Arms, but there were a few things at the Temples/Charlie Boyer & The Voyeur gig earlier in the week that just didn’t sit right with me.  Gig itself was fantastic, I have nothing to complain about there!  For starters on the bad stuff though, they did a bag check upon entrance.  Fine, no worries, but I still went through with my camera and spare lens (AND point and shoot camera that I bought along ‘just in case’).  We positioned ourselves to the front left of the raised stage where there was a bit of space, and while we were there the security guard confiscated at least three people’s cameras off them, both professional and point and shoot.  Not sure if they were taking video footage or just photos, but I wasn’t taking any chances so only snapped when I knew he wasn’t around.  This is a massive irk in the first place, but when you have a kid right up the front filming the entire CB&TV gig on an iPhone, without break, it just gets a little silly.  Why allow that but not allow point & shoot/professional cameras?  Why allow a low-quality film of the gig and not a high one?  I could tell the security was watching me waiting to pounce, but he didn’t because I wouldn’t snap when he was around.  Managed to get a decent amount of photos too, ha!  Annoyance number two – no air conditioning.  I don’t think I’ve sweated so much at a gig before in my life (and I’ve been to plenty of gigs during summertime in Australia…).  People weren’t really even dancing, probably because it was so incredibly stuffy.  Annoyance number three – a 15 minute wait to get a cider.  Yup, I KNOW they’re only £3.50 (great!) but I’d rather not stand in a line for 15 minutes with sweaty guys rubbing up behind me trying to push in.  Another bar would solve the problem, but where it would go I have no idea.  CB&TV were great.  I’d rather they were on for longer and played everything off their album but I guess it wasn’t their gig!  Will have to see a headline gig of theirs at some stage, loving them at the moment.  Temples were good as well, we were mostly up the back for them because it was so bloody hot we didn’t want to be around people!  No album as yet so only knew a few of their tunes but they played well and the crowd seemed impressed.  You could tell that quite a few of the punters were there because of the Noel Gallagher effect (the clothing/haircuts were a dead giveaway), but all in all a fun gig, despite the annoyances!

I used my Canon EOS 1000D with 50mm and 75-300mm.  Up the back at The Boston Arms you usually get a good view of the band because of the raised stage, so the 75-300 comes in handy.  Only if the lighting is halfway decent… enjoy!

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Suede, Alexandra Palace, 30 March 2013

Suede are fantastic, aren’t they?  I mean, they’re really fantastic.  Over the past 20 or so years since I’ve been a fan (what – 20 years?  HOW OLD ARE YOU?!?  I know, I know…) I’ve never seen them live.  I had the opportunity a couple of years ago when I first moved to London, but decided against it for some reason, probably because the person I was with wasn’t really a fan and didn’t want to go with me.  What a bellend.  A few months ago it was announced they would do a gig at the gorgeous looking Alexandra Palace, which is renowned for its ‘long, flat floor’ and ‘terrible sound’, but the decision was made, friends rounded up and off we went.  Unfortunately we missed Temples, but caught all of Spector’s spectacle (I don’t mean that in a good way – sorry, I just can’t like them).  We were in a great spot for Suede and managed to keep it that way until bladders were too full to cope anymore.  Brett LOVES performing live, doesn’t he?  If he doesn’t, he was doing a damn fine job of pretending at Ally Pally.  Swinging his hips, whipping his mic and jumping on speakers the whole evening.  The rest of the band were fantastic of course, but Brett was the star, with the spotlight on him the whole time.  The backdrop was awesome – screens of various singles/album covers depending on what was being played at the time.

Ally Pally wasn’t that bad either, the sound was fine both near the front and up the back, and I could see the band the entire time as the stage was quite high (as were my shoes).  The ‘rules’ of Ally Pally state that you can’t take in removable lens cameras, so I ended up taking my Nokia point and shoot in with me.  Bit annoyed when I saw a girl walk out of the toilets with a Canon DSLR, complete with massive zoom lens, hanging around her neck.  Next time… The gig was brilliant, and left me wondering why I haven’t tried harder to go and see Suede when they toured last time.  Here are a couple of photos taken with my Nokia that you can almost make out Brett in them.  Enjoy!

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