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The Heartbreaks, The Lexington 5th November 2014

The pointy end of the year is almost upon us, which means that, as always, there are a shedload of gigs occurring in November. I didn’t get around to buying The Heartbreaks tickets when they were released as there were so many other gigs going on around the same time, and I’d pretty much seen these guys every time they had toured London.  After much thought on the morning of the gig I decided that I would most surely regret it if I didn’t go along, so tickets were bought and I started to get really, really excited.

Of course after the gig I thought that, had I known how brilliant they were going to be, I WOULD have regretted not going.  The Lexington didn’t feel packed to the rafters up the front, but that’s probably because of your standard ‘Lexington bottleneck’ at the stairs, whereby everyone is too English and too polite to move further into the crowd and therefore stand awkwardly in front of the bar, getting in the way.  We were right up the front so no problems with dancing like a maniac, and everyone was just lovely – singing, laughing, dancing and having a great time.

Call of the night came from a guy standing behind us who shouted “Lovely ol’ job!”.  It was indeed.  The crowd down the front managed to pull out some choreographed dancing during Absolved, and some people were having SUCH a good time that Matthew had to comment on it at one stage – females screaming and all sorts!

I know I say this every time, but it’s shocking that these guys aren’t more well known in the UK.  They have released one of the best albums of 2014 (if not THE best), and I still spin their debut album every few weeks.  They’re all so bloody lovely as well, no airs and graces, humble and very witty.  If I could recommend any band from this year (or the last three years even) that you should listen to right now it’s these guys.  Do yourself a favour 🙂

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Traams/Crushed Beaks, The Lexington 30 April 2014

Well well well, Traams eh?  2014’s dark horses!  Gig and a half on Wednesday night, one that I wasn’t expecting to be so blown away by (why? I have no idea…).

Their album “Grin” has been one of those very few albums this year that I’ll continue to revisit when I’m bored of whatever new treasures I’ve recently added to my iPod.  Always a great listen, but live they really put some magic into it.  More live bands like this please!  Energy in buckets and stage presence like no other (the bassist especially, just too bloody cool) .

The gig was wedged between two other gig nights for me (both of which I was photographing and reviewing – hectic) so I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did.  Glad we arrived early as Crushed Beaks were also fab, with yet another ridiculously cool bassist. I wasn’t really intending on taking many, if any photos, but I’m really glad I took my camera along.  It’s always the times when you least expect something awesome to happen…

As I was only taking photos for myself I just popped my 50mm f/1.8 on my camera as it’s light and easy to throw in my bag.  I should use it more often really as it’s a lifesaver in low light conditions, which The Lexington can be at times.  So, SO glad I bought the camera with me!

Pics below for your entertainment, enjoy!

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The Crookes at The Lexington 7 November 2012

Time for the second round of #NewPop in less than a week, this time Sheffield’s The Crookes.  I’ve been a mild fan since their Bloodshot Days… erm, days, so was looking forward to the evening.  Hey Sholay were providing support (as were As Elephants, but we didn’t see much of them) who’s album I had but hadn’t quite ‘clicked’ (as they say on The X Factor) with.  Apparently the gig was sold out, and it looked like it might have been.  As soon as we got there we spotted Steve Lamacq at the downstairs bar, apparently clutching an electric cigarette?!  He has been a Crookes fan for ages, so didn’t surprise me that he was there.  Oh to have Lammo’s job – interviewing Manic Street Preachers on his radio show one minute, watching The Crookes at The Lexington the next…

Anyway, the gig.  Hey Sholay were brilliant.  Not just saying that because their singer sported a Smiths t-shirt whilst setting up their gear before they landed on stage, they actually WERE fantastic.  Made me want to go back and listen to their album on repeat, because I got it now.  Singer’s vocals were probably the best live vocals I’ve heard this year, and even though the bastard crowd were chatting incessantly while they were playing (pet hate), they were given large ‘woohoo!’s and cheers at the end of most songs.  Good effort for a support act in London.  The Crookes came on all turned up jeans and fun buttoned shirts, George’s bass guitar just below his chin, bless him.  The crowd had swelled and the ‘everyone stand around in the top area while there’s plenty of space down the front’ Lexington standard took place.  Difficult to take photos of these guys (as with DZ Deathrays) as they were forever jumping around with hair in faces (well, in George’s case it was – where did all that hair come from?!).  I gave it a shot though, snapped away for a few, then enjoyed the rest of the gig.  Still couldn’t get the Hey Sholay performance out of my mind after leaving the gig though.  Keep an eye on those guys.

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